Solar Power Enhances the Green Attributes of Contemporary Florida Homes

By November 2, 2010ARTICLES

The current attitudes toward social responsibility and sustainable resources have inspired many people in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area to seek out eco friendly homes for sale. While there are not many of these currently on the market, the trend is inspiring tremendous growth in the market of designs for those who would like to build new green homes. Zahn Development is creating some of the most advanced, energy-efficient and green designs for contemporary Florida homes.

One of the many benefits of green homes is their efficient use of energy. Zahn Development can design and build solar-powered homes that provide all of the electrical power necessary for the entire property. Home solar panel systems supply electricity by using sunlight, the most renewable resource available. A home solar power panel generates this power by using photovoltaic semiconductors to change solar radiation into direct current (DC) electricity. This is then converted to AC, or alternating current electricity, that can be used by standard household wiring systems and appliances.

This eco-sustainable home for sale shown on our site features a photovoltaic home solar panel system that consists of eighteen 235W Sharp panels, providing a total of 4230 watts. It can easily be expanded to 5640 watts without additional equipment or inside wiring, and is designed to be upgraded to more than 10,000 watts with no necessary structural changes. The system supplies enough power for the entire home under normal usage conditions. The solar panel system is connected to the Internet for local and remote power production and is grid-tied to help slow the electric meter or even turn it backwards during daylight hours. The meter (from FPL) spins both ways, so you can tell if you’re consuming electricity or generating it, for which you can receive credit on your power bill. It is designed to provide decades of maintenance-free electricity.

Zahn green homes also provide money-saving propane gas systems, enhanced insulation and water-conserving plumbing and landscape irrigation, as well as building materials that are environmentally friendly. We specialize in providing beautiful, contemporary Florida homes designed to conserve our natural resources and provide a clean, low-toxin environment for our community to enjoy for years to come.

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